Opening Presentation Notes and Photos


The following notes and comments are from the Opening Presentation:

Questions & Comments

1. "We need to start thinking ahead" - Laura Fischer, Holtville City Manager

2. Most loved parts of Holtville

a. Parks

b. Hot springs (however, City doesn't promote)

c. Neighborhoods

3. Who is going to pay for this new development?

4. Perception of a concerned citizen

a. Hope for the best in Holtville

b. Mexican town run by old white people

c. Beware of the low public turn-out

d. Current businesses are hanging on by a thread

5. New restaurant & bar/grill on Fourth Street

6. Wide streets are due to horse & buggy

a. People own too many cars which they can't park on property so they park them on streets

b. Slow speed vehicles routes/lanes

c. Most blocks have alleys/lanes

7. Coppers West building is historical and has hitching post out front

8. Hard clay soil in the area

a. On site water storage is a problem

Things for TPUDC to consider & study

1. How to attract winter vacation people (like Yuma)

2. Use the river (like San Antonio River Walk)

3. Use the wetlands as an amenity (bird watchers)

4. Provide examples of downtown squares/parks and successful downtowns

5. Get families out of their houses and give them somewhere to go

6. Economic development of proposed water park

7. Alamo trail along river

8. There was a race track (cars?) at one point - bring this back to attract people to City

9. Provide covered parking with solar panels on new projects

10. Downtown merchants association

a. Have merchants stay open late one night a week to attract business

11. Create Holtville as a "Green Lab"