Charrette Master Plan & Renderings

Existing Aerial

Proposed Downtown Holtville Master Plan

Existing Aerial Perspective

Proposed Downtown Holtville Aerial Perspective

Charrette Photos

Below are photos of the charrette team working on the final presenation materials.

Holtville Existing Conditions Analysis

Below are some of the analysis graphics from the charrette.

Regional Context: Holtivlle is set in the Imperial Valley in Southern California.

Historical Images of Holtville

Holtville Existing Conditions

Hands-On community Design Workshop

Stakeholder Meeting

Stakeholder meeting

Holtville Today

Holtville City Hall

Holt Park

Holtville Aerial (Date 2005)

Downtown Holtville Historical Photos

Downtown Holtville

Historic Photo of Downtown Holtville - Date Unknown

Main Street Holtville

Historic Photo of Main Street Holtville - Date Unknown

Opening Presentation Notes and Photos


The following notes and comments are from the Opening Presentation:

Questions & Comments

1. "We need to start thinking ahead" - Laura Fischer, Holtville City Manager

2. Most loved parts of Holtville

a. Parks

b. Hot springs (however, City doesn't promote)

c. Neighborhoods

3. Who is going to pay for this new development?

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