What is a Charrette?

A charrette is an intense, participative process where all members of a community work directly with a multidisciplinary design team, including town planners, architects, illustrators and coding experts to define a collective vision for a region.

A “charrette” is an intensive community design workshop, usually lasting five to ten days.

TPUDC compiles for the charrette a multidisciplinary team of five to ten individuals to create a master plan, all supporting documents and coding for the project. Team members typically include town planners, architects, coding experts and illustrators.

The charrette is specifically designed to involve all community members interested in or concerned about a project. Several meetings are held each day throughout the week, and a number of pin-ups take place at key points in the design process. During these pin-ups, the charrette team receives feedback from participants about the best elements of each of the several strategies presented. The team then incorporates this direct public feedback into new versions of the plan, helping to distill and refine a common vision for the project.

The Project Principal will deliver an introductory lecture on traditional town planning principles and Smart Growth on the first evening of the charrette. Local representatives will thoroughly brief the design team on the study area and project design parameters. Formal and informal meetings are held with various approving agencies and interest groups during the first few days. The remainder of the charrette consists of daily design
and review sessions with a final presentation on the last day.

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